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I can fit and replace any part on your bike. I will discuss how much you want to spend, what sort of quality you are after and I can source and fit them. Or, you can choose and buy the parts and I'll fit them.  


£25 per hour (+ vat)

fitting and replacing parts

Puncture repair – includes new inner tube £10.00

Puncture repair- hub gear rear wheel - includes new inner tube £25.00

Wheel true £20.00

Hub service front £25.00

Hub service rear £40.00

Disc brake bleed (single) £20.00

Disc brake bleed (pair) £30.00

Fit bottom bracket £25.00

Fit single brake/gear cable £10.00

Fit brake pads (rim / disc) £5 - £10

Fit forks £50.00

Fit chain & cassette £25.00

Headset service £25.00

Bike build £130.00

Set up bike from box/PDI £50.00

Brake Service £20.00

Gear Service £25.00

min call out: £20 (+vat)

fixed prices (+vat)


All fixes exclude the cost of parts (unless stated)


All work carried out by a trained and insured  mechanic


All work guaranteed and completed to the highest standard